We're product builders, ideators, technologists and old-school traders who together have decades of collective software and markets expertise.


Ron Bernstein

Founder & CEO T

Ron has traded options on commodity futures in more than 20 markets for over 25 years on the old-school trading floors in New York and London. Fascinated with the convergence of the internet, peer-to-peer trading, sports betting and prediction markets, Ron founded Intrade in 2000 and Tradesports in 2003. Intrade went on to become the world’s leading prediction marketplace. It launched millions of individual prediction markets with hundreds of thousands of participants, providing spectacularly accurate predictive data culled from the “wisdom of the crowd” until the platform's closure in 2015.

The development of digital currencies, blockchains and decentralized software systems continues to fuel Ron’s interest in prediction markets and how they may be applied in the real world to benefit everyday life.


Kevin Day

Lead Engineer T

Kevin earned degrees in Computer Science and Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science at The University of Michigan, after which he spent nine years in the financial industry designing and writing performance sensitive database infrastructure for Fixed Income data at a company specializing in financial services and analytics. A blockchain enthusiast, he has participated in a number of cryptocurrency projects and communities, most recently as a backend developer for Augur tackling various middleware and infrastructure projects.


Rob Green

Senior Engineer T

Rob is a full-stack software developer who has been working in the industry for over 15 years. He has many successful development projects under his belt, including three featured Android games in the Google Play Store, a large-scale mobile service platform, several business services including financial and order management and many micro services used by games and websites. Rob was previously at IBM, leading development teams on new products and services in the latest high tech spaces.


Eric Chuven

Trading & Markets 

An experienced floor trader, Eric brings 15 years of business expertise spanning Proprietary Trading, Portfolio Risk Management, and Trading Operations Management. He’s been a member of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), Commodities Exchange (COMEX), the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT), and the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), and has held positions on the settlement committees of both the NYMEX and NYBOT. He’s also an active investor and consultant for multiple startups.


Donald Maclellan

Senior Engineer

Don is a full-stack developer with over 15 years of experience implementing innovative web-based solutions in wide range of fields, with a primary focus on sports betting and daily fantasy sports tools. In 2014, he founded Super Lobby, an aggregator for daily fantasy sports contests that’s since become a standard industry resource. Sports and data continues to be a major focus of his work, and he’s taken an active interest in advancing those fields through blockchain technology.


Brock Petrie

Head of Products, Design Director T

Brock directs the product strategy and experiential design of our product portfolio. An award-winning interactive strategist and art director, he comes to us from the vibrant Minneapolis advertising & marketing arena. He's held creative & technical leadership roles at agencies such as Epsilon and Atomic, specializing in providing sync and synthesis between design, engineering and business development teams. His work has been recognized by AdFed, Promo Magazine, Adweek and more. An avid photographer and outdoorsman, Brock can often be found trekking the backwoods of northern Minnesota, camera in tow.


Katrina Wollet

Director of Communications T

Katrina is a natural-born marketer & communications strategist. If there’s a story to share, she’ll find it — and make sure the right people hear it. She brings experience in traditional PR, digital marketing, business strategy and content strategy. Prior to joining Augment Partners, she was a Senior Digital Strategist at General Mills, building and managing cross-market social strategies, campaigns and digital content for a portfolio of international brands. Her work has helped start-ups, corporations, agencies and nonprofits alike.


Marc Martinez

Front-End Developer T

Marc is a front-end web developer with experience writing performant Javascript, PHP, Golang, and Objective-C. He is currently helping build the interfaces behind Augment Partners’ products, while diving into all things crypto and blockchain in his spare time. With a degree in entrepreneurial studies, and contributions to over 10 startups in various roles (including several ventures of his own), Marc understands the ins-and-outs of successful business development and long-term technological value. 


Clem Freeman

Front-End Developer T

Before joining Augment Partners, Clem spent two years at Fuel Medical as a full-stack developer. He lead development of AudiologyEdge, a practice management application for audiology clinics. As an advocate of open source, Clem has spent time volunteering with Hack Oregon, a nonprofit that focuses on open-sourcing and visualizing civic data.


Katie Ett

office manager T

Katie graduated from The Ohio State University with a creative writing degree but soon realized her true passion was ordering and organizing office supplies. She's since managed offices for eleven years, including those of Intrade and Tradesports. Most recently, she led the NYC home of data analytics company Mixpanel. 



Joey Krug


Joey led Augur’s smart contract development since Augur's founding and is now actively advising about Augur's architecture and implementation. In July of 2017, Joey became a partner at Pantera Capital and will co-manage the Pantera ICO Fund. Joey took a leave of absence from Pomona College to focus full-time on Augur. He conducted the first Bitcoin transaction via sound as well as the first Bitcoin transaction via iOS-Android Bluetooth LE. Joey is one of the 2016 Thiel Fellows. Before creating Augur, he and Jack Peterson completed Sidecoin, which allows new cryptocurrency distributions based on "snapshots" of Bitcoin account balances.

Jack Peterson

Co-founder, Augur T

Jack is a physicist, entrepreneur, and software developer. He became fascinated by distributed networks while finishing his Ph.D. at UCSF. He was a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow, and has published peer-reviewed articles on complex networks and information theory, including modeling and simulation of protein-protein interaction networks and social networks, automated kinetic model extraction for single-molecule experiments, and the statistical mechanics of "heavy-tailed" distributions. In addition to being a co-founder, Jack is Augur’s lead developer.

Joe Costello

CEO, Enlighted

Joe is a veteran CEO of 25 years and mold breaker in the electronic design automation (EDA) space. He served as CEO for Cadence Design Systems from 1987-1998, during which the company became the leader in EDA. He received the Phil Kaufman award, the highest accolade in the EDA industry. Joe has served on the board of companies like Oracle, Macromedia, Clarify and Mercury Interactive. He has a passion for solving problems with technology and making the Internet of Things a reality.